Saturday, February 14, 2015

JaDine Kilig Level at JaDine Fever Tour On Valentine's Day

I got the chance to experience the "JaDine kilig level" again as I, together with my other blogger friends join James Reid and Nadine Lustre in the "JaDine Fever Tour" at Fairview Terraces last Valentine's Day for an exclusive interview.

After posting on my IG post weeks ago about Gary Valenciano admiring James' voice, finally I was able to get his reaction about it. He shared the happiness he felt that he can't believe someone that he looks up to admires his talent.

They also shared the experience they had doing their MMK episode where it required Nadine to cry for like an hour.

Checking on their Valentine's date so far, Nadine happily shared, "oh my gosh! Ang dami nyang surprises, naloloka na ako! It was unbelievable talaga...It was not your average type of surprise..." as James treated her with a lot of surprises.

So how are you enjoying the JaDine kilig level so far?

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