Friday, January 9, 2015

Pokwang Will Deliver Another Unforgettable Performance in Edsa Woolworth

Star Cinema opens 2015 with Edsa Woolworth - a powerful film produced by The Filipino Channel (TFC) in line with its 20th anniversary.

Playing the title role of Edsa Woolworth is comedienne pokwang and the film reunites her with director John-D Lazatin who directed her in 2011 in the Filipino independent film A Mother's Story that was also produced by TFC and was distributed by ABS-CBN International.

As Edsa Woolworth, Pokwang delivers a standout performance that no one should ever miss. Edsa is the eldest and only daughter in a family headed by an American father an d she is faced with the dilemma on how to reconcile the desires of her heart and the unconditional love she feels for her family.

Written by seasoned US-based writer Noel Nuguit, Edsa Woolworth is an endearing and an unforgettable movie for the whole family to enjoy. Edsa Woolworth is centered on an unconventional family that is strongly bound by ties that go beyond the boundaries of language, race, culture, and even blood. What keeps the Woolworths together, despite their many differences with each other, are the common stubborn affection and utmost respect that they have for one another. The Woolworths is an inspiring family composed of people with quirks and different personalities who manage to stick together through thick and thin.

The Woolworths go through a roller coaster of emotions as they collectively and individually encounter life-changing experiences that greatly define their decisions and choices. With colliding personalities that lead them to fight and bricker incessantly, the tenderness and love they feel for one another always prevail as it sneaks even in the most mundane moments of their lives.

Edsa Woolworth, which initially had a run in the US and Canada last November 2014 with rave reviews, is a must-see film that offers the right blend of drama and comedy. The film highlights universal values that every Filipino can certainly relate with - chief among them are love and compassion among family members.

Other cast members of Edsa Woolworth include an amazing line-up of extremely talented actors such as Lee O' Bruan, Stephen Spohn, Ricci Chan, prince Saruhan, Lee Robin Salazar, and Princess Ryan.

Edsa Woolworth hits all cinemas nationwide starting January 14.

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