Monday, January 12, 2015

FlorDeLiza explores family's influence on children's behavior; Opens on January 19 after It's Showtime

Jolina Magdangal plays the role of Florida who fell in love and had a child with Marvin with the latter was assigned in Abra. It was known to her that he has a wife still she pursued her love for him. Will this make her a kontrabida in the series? I think she'll get an acting nomination for her contained but powerful performance in the series.

ABS-CBN's newest drama series "Flordeliza" will remind viewers of the crucial role of the family in molding the hearts and minds of children.
Direk Wenn Deramas shows versatility in the series. He shines well in his direction of drama and action scenes. Thanks to his dependable cast.
It's a tale about two families. It focuses on two loving mothers and their daughters, who will be drawn closer by love but torn apart by one sad truth. It will make viewers realize that the love of our family is what really makes us whole, said Master Storyteller Wenn V. Deramas, who conceptualized the story and will co-direct the series with Tots Sanchez-Mariscal IV. 

Highlights of the pilot week that should be watched out for include the love scene of Marvin and Jolina that are still oozing with great chemistry; superb portrayal of Desiree del Valle; the comic scenes of Joey Paras, Atak and Tess Antonio, the crying scene of Jolina when Marvin was carried by a helicopter with his wife; and so many others.
Marvin Agustin shows reliability in the series. For the pilot week, he's able to convey a character that you will love despite that he betrayed his wife by having a mistress. 

Rhed Bustamante as Liza and Ashley Sarmiento as Flor. Both kids have promise in the series ensuring that their delivery is at par with their co-actors. Their performance is gripping that will surely make the audience fell in love with them.

Desiree del Valle as Elizabeth who provided a very compelling performance. She's at her best in the teleserye especially on scenes where she desperately fight for the love and attention of his husband played by Marvin Agustin.

Edward Mendez plays the brother of Desiree del Valle tagged as the black sheep in the family

Critical supporting roles will come from Dionne Monsanto, Tess Antonio, Joey Paras, and Atak

Johan Santos plays the friend of Marvin in the military; Lemuel Pelayo will be Desiree del Valle's brother
Also part of the Flordeliza cast are Carlo Aquino, Elizabeth Oropesa, tetchie Agbayani, and Juan Rodrigo.

Don't miss the beginning of Flordeliza on January 19 on ABS-CBN after It's Showtime.

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