Wednesday, December 10, 2014

James Wright: "I'm a singer, an actor but I'm much bigger than this"

Anak Ko Yan finalist and rising singer-actor James Wright is definitely a star to watch. He's not just a talented guy but at his core is a heart that's full of dreams and love. I had the opportunity to have a one on one chat with him right after the shoot of his webisode with Kylie Padilla. It was a day full of fun and music as I saw both of them enjoying each other's company along with their online audience.

On his love life: Last Christmas, my gift was a break-up from my ex from Hongkong. Thar was the time where the person I love for two years broke my heart. That’s one of the reasons why the song "Sana’y Ikaw" came along. It’s a choice not to date anyone but I'm eyeing someone from showbiz who’s very similar to me in a way.

On feedback about his acting: If there’s any bad comments, I just laugh it off because no one is perfect. No one is born to be an actor. Not everyone was born to do acting, singing, dancing, modeling so for me if I have mistakes, I’ll just learn from them. You cannot shut me down. I’ll keep going until you get tired of me.

On my future: I’m currently preparing a demo to be sent to the US. As a singer, I wanna follow the footsteps of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra that they can go wherever they want and sing and make people happy. My mom is my inspiration because I have this dream in my head that me and my mom someday will achieve.

On how he assesses his 2014: This is a year of self-discovery that’s why I tried acting but at the same time I learned that I can also sing songs from other genre. It was a re-assurance as to who I really am as an artist, as what I do, and what I really love. And sana sa 2015 mas malinaw yung sa ibang tao na I'm a singer, an actor but I'm much bigger than this.

On his dream concert: Everyone in the audience knows my songs, singing along with me. And at the end of the day, they will just say to themselves that "WOW that was a Wright experience!"

I wish the best for James Wright. With his humility, determination, and talent, I think the Wright time has come. Catch him on Strawberry Lane, weeknights on GMA Telebabad and don't forget to buy his self-titled album in record stores, produced by GMA Records.

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