Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chikkaness Review - "Feng Shui" Consistently Delivered Remarkable Frights

Feng Shui comes out 10 years after the original one, it seems to pick up right after the first one. Director Chito Rono continues to have a reliably firm grasp on creepy atmosphere. Along with his co-writer Roy Iglesias, they delivered a routine procedural with remarkable frights special mention was that involving Rez Cortez. The pacing was perfectly right with sequences effectively spooky. If I remember it right, I delivered three screams in watching the movie.

It has a spectacular sound design and an interesting set-up whose story focuses on Lester Anonuevo (Coco Martin) who stole the bagwa in exchange for money to help sustain the needs of his family. Similar to what happened to Joy Ramirez (Kris Aquino), all the luck he received have deadly consequences to anyone who saw himself/herself to the central mirror of the bagwa. The two then joined forces together with the previous owners Lily Mendoza (Cherry Pie Picache) and Hsui Liao (Jonee Gamboa) as they fight against the curse of the "Lotus Feet" who spawned another force- her lost twin sister- who is also set to two souls at a time.

Thankfully, Feng Shui manages to veer away from its predecessor and create a new, atmospherically tormenting energy. One of the key aspects that makes Feng Shui stand apart is its male lead, Coco Martin whose terrifying moments were delivered with subtlety and intensity. He's my bet to win the Best Actor race for the MMFF Awards Night.

Kris Aquino on the other hand, provided the reaction that you will be frightened along with her. It cannot be denied that she effectively drew the audience with her even if critics say that she doesn't act well. I think this is a slap to the critics since despite those feedback, she still gains a large following on her movies. 

For entertainment value, I rate this as 9/10 and excels in editing, screenplay, musical score and direction.

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