Monday, September 8, 2014

The Gifted Is A Quirky, Hilarious, and Gifted Piece of Storytelling

A cinematic endeavor that, for all intents and purposes, brought a gifted director into the limelight. Congratulations to Chris Martinez for crafting a story that has pushed its actors to bring out their God-given gifts in acting.

The Gifted is a story of two ugly ducklings geniuses that turned worst enemies from being the best of friends.Anne Curtis plays the obese Zoe Tuazon whereas Cristine Reyes as Aica Tabayoyong has a big nose with a lot of imperfections on her face. Their rivalry started when Zoe aimed to become the number one on the graduating class and not just being the second best to her bestfriend Aica. She used Aica's crush Mark Ferrer (Sam Milby) to distract her in her studies in exchange for meeting all of his school requirements.

Writer-director Martinez succeeds in creating a movie that’s
different from its contemporaries. A crazy beaut of comedy that brims with wit
and manages to be unpredictable until the end.

Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes give outstanding performance and Sam Milby did a great job, in fact his greatest among the movies he had. The combination of their performances provided a beautiful aura that makes this movie entertaining to watch.  They really got into it and became their character with no hold backs.

To sum it up, The Gifted is a quirky, hilarious, and gifted piece of storytelling.

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