Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chikkaness Review: THE JANITOR - Clean Storytelling With Clear Vision Accomplished

One of the Cinemalaya entries this year that left me attentive throughout its screening time is Michael Tuviera's THE JANITOR. A film that was able to accomplish what its vision is - expose how justice is being served in some of the high-profiled crimes in the country and helping its audience understand the struggles of the people involved. Without justifying where the lead actor is coming from, the story is a wake-up call that someone has to step up to clean up the mess in the society like that of a janitor. Tuviera 

The film follows the story of Crisanto Espina (Dennis Trillo), a policeman under suspension who was tasked to kill the suspects of a bank robbery and massacre. Trillo gives a strong, increasingly riveting performance as the cop who wanted to please his superior to be able to redeem his name. 

It has an amazing screenplay with action sequences executed with brilliance. It also has one of the ensemble casting I've ever seen. Small roles were executed with big and dedicated performance with special mention to Nicco Manalo, LJ Reyes, Alex Medina, Ricky Davao, Richard Gomez, Sunshine Garcia, and Derek Ramsay.

I believe the film will get nominations or might emerge as a winner on sound for Albert Michael Idioma, editing for Tara Illenberger, screenplay for Aloy Adlawan, story for Aloy Adlawan and Michael Tuviera, supporting actor for Nicco Manolo,  direction for Michael Tuviera, actor for Dennis Trillo and Best Picture. This is also worthy for nationwide release because of its commercial appeal even story telling.

Techinically, this is one of the best-made Filipino action films yet and dramatically it delivers because of its strong cast.

For more of this film, check out this link. Let's support all of the Cinemalaya entries this year.

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