Monday, August 11, 2014

CHECK OUT: The Gifted Official Trailer

A dark comedy is set to premiere on September 3 as Viva Films brings you the box-office partnership of Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes in "THE GIFTED" with Sam Milby as their leading man. Written and directed by Chris Martinez, the story follows the friendship of two gifted girl bestfriends who turned out to be enemies as they fight for the attention of a man. 

An obese Anne Curtis and an ugly Cristine Reyes with big nose, buck teeth, and bushy eyebrows will be seen in the movie. Both will transform into sexy and beautiful ladies that are in competition with each other.

The trailer seems to be promising and full of LOL moments. This is different from what they've done in "No Other Woman" but I'm anticipating this to be a success.

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