Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MARIQUINA - A Journey Towards Healing

One of the Cinemalaya 2014 entries that stands out for me in terms of its appealing story, photography, and nuanced acting is Milo Sogueco's MARIQUINA. Mylene Dizon as the lead could not be the first choice but she perfectly fit in the shoes of Imelda's character judging from the trailer. She has always been a reliable actress and her take on the role is far from the kontrabida role that she's been getting from the teleseryes. 

The Story: Mariquina tells the bittersweet story of IMELDA GUEVARRA (Mylene Dizon), a successful businesswoman, who grew up with an emotionally distant father, ROMEO (Ricky Davao), a once recognized shoemaker who lost both his shoe factory and his beloved wife.  When Imelda is informed about her father’s death, she tentatively proceeds with the funeral preparations. Her search for the last perfect pair of shoes serves as the catalyst that opens up old wounds. It also unlocks memories of growing up in awe at how her father could transform a sheet of leather into something perfect to wear on her feet, igniting recollections of why her mother, LEONOR (Che Ramos), left them.

The rise, fall and revival of shoemaking in Marikina, the footwear capital of the Philippines are unravelled through the story of Imelda and Romeo. The father-daughter struggle illustrates the challenge of a nation trying to re-establish its identity. Eventually, Imelda takes that important step to confront the truths about herself and the father she must lay to rest. What she finds is far more valuable than a pair of shoes. She discovers her soul. 

About The Director: In 2009, Milo Sogueco essayed his first full-length feature film Sanglaan (The Pawnshop), for the 5th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. After winning Best Actress (Ina Feleo) and Best Supporting Actress (Tessie Tomas) at Cinemalaya, Sanglaan went on to be screened and to compete in international film festivals in France, China, Spain, Singapore and Germany. The film won Students’ Choice at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Inalco Institute Jury Prize at the Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema, the New Asian Cinema Award (Bronze) and Audience Prize (Silver) at the Lyon Asian Film Festival.

In 2010, he was included in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s first batch of Filipino filmmakers honored with a Pioneering Award of Distinction. Milo actively supports independent cinema through his position as MTRCB board member and Quezon City Film Commission commissioner. A lifestyle and fashion photographer and an entrepreneur, his greatest passion is and will always be filmmaking. 

Director's Take On His Film. Our story touches on the art of shoemaking in the country, its decline and fall. A shoemaker father and his daughter reveal the story. They have a dysfunctional relationship, a metaphor for the Filipino’s bond with his/her identity and culture. This is not just a story of a father and a daughter, but of a nation who has lost its identity and is now trying to regain it. There’s a parallelism between the trajectory of the main characters’ lives with the City of Marikina itself. We trace our lead character, Imelda’s journey from a woman trapped in an emotional gridlock to a woman who starts to move forward, and her father, both comically and tragically, trapped in the past, resting beside a daughter who is capable of moving on, of rising above her father’s fate.

The film also stars Bing Pimentel, Barbie Forteza, Dennis Padilla, Mel Kimura, and Kenneth Paul Cruz. 

Screening Schedule: 

August 2 / Sat: 9:00 PM -- Greenbelt 3 Cinema 4;  9:00 PM – Alabang Town Center Cinema 4; 9:00 PM – CCP Little Theater
August 3 / Sun: 3:30 PM -- CCP Studio Theater; 6:30 PM -- Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5
August 4 / Mon: 4:00 PM -- Trinoma Cinema 4; 9:00 PM -- CCP Main Theater (GALA SCREENING)
August 5 / Tue:12:45 PM – CCP MKP Hall; 6:30 PM -- Fairview Terraces Cinema 5
August 6 / Wed: 4:00 PM -- Trinoma Cinema 1
August 7 / Thu:3:30 PM -- CCP MKP Hall; 6:30 PM -- Greenbelt 3 Cinema 4; 6:30 PM – Alabang Town Center Cinema 4
August 8 / Fri:12:45 PM – CCP Main Theater; 4:00 PM -- Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5; 6:30 PM -- Trinoma Cinema 1
August 9 / Sat: 10:00 AM -- CCP Studio Theater; 11:00 AM -- Fairview Terraces Cinema 5
August 10 / Sun:1:30 PM -- Trinoma Cinema 4

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