Monday, July 7, 2014

Kamkam (Greed) Movie Review: A Relevant Movie Packed With Moving Performances

Written by Palanca awardee Jerry Gracio and directed by a multi-awarded master Joel Lamangan, “ Kamkam” follows the story of a local kingpin Johnny (Allen Dizon) of Sitio Camcam who has three wives – namely; Salud (Jean Garcia); Evelyn (Sunshine Dizon); and Shane (Jackie Rice). The Johnny character lords it over the place in wanton corruption and impunity. All these happen while the authorities are demolishing the community established by the so-called ‘professional squatters and land-grabbers.’ Of course, the young children suffer most the consequences of such conflict.

There are certain plenty of elements contained in “Kamkam” that’s admirable and watchable. The movie is well acted across all of its actors involved. Allen Dizon was able to pull through a greedy yet loving character that you will not totally hate for living a life of corruption. Jean Garcia as the feisty first wife did an excellent job in the movie. Sunshine Dizon as the covetous turned religious second wife provided a sincere and hilarious take on her role, showing her range as an actress. Jackie Rice as the scheming third wife was desirable and triumphant in her delivery (perfect fit). Jim Pebanco nearly steals the show as Johnny’s bestfriend/secret admirer who was outstanding in the movie that made his role relatable among gays out there. Elizabeth Oropesa was reliable as Johnny’s mother who might get an acting nod next year.

Some of the smaller performances are quite fine, too, especially Joyce Ching as a rebellious daughter. Lucho Ayala and Kerbie Zamora are remarkable as the eldest in Johnny’s second wife and Shane’s boyfriend, respectively.

Filmmaker Joel Lamangan has certainly infused the environment with a strong sense of place and honesty. He offers up a handful of engaging sequences (eg Allen Dizon’s Johnny wants his best friend Jim Pebanco to find someone who will love him unconditionally). He offered a truthful yet delicate approach to corruption that made this relevant to the viewers.

The Cinema Evaluation Board recently gave a Grade "A" to the film  "Kamkam (Greed)." CEB cited the inspired performances of its ensemble, the intelligent direction, the relevant story/script and the topnotch technicals.

A Heaven's Best Entertainment presentation, "Kamkam" starts showing in choice cinemas throughout the Philippines on July 9, 2014.  

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