Monday, July 28, 2014

Chikkaness Review: Trophy Wife - Character-Driven Sexy Drama That Is Fast-Paced And Exciting

The look, feel and story of the film are evocative. It contains interesting ideas and some gorgeous photography. This could also be appealing to the fashionistas – credit to the stylists of the actors though there are just some color combinations that get repeated but maybe that is to define more the characters that they play.

The movie is for viewers who want plots and characters spelled out for them. You don’t want to wait until the end to witness twists as every now and then something new is being revealed. Some are pretty shocking and some you might not find realistic, but overall those make this movie worth watching.

Cristine Reyes gives a thoughtfully pained performance. Heart Evangelista has exhibited effective portrayal in her role. It may not as big as that of Cristine but she was able to pull it off such that teamwork was evident between them. Derek Ramsay is deeply charismatic but has a real sadness to him. He gets some good support from John Estrada who has always been a reliable actor.

As a character-driven sexy drama it is admittedly fast-paced and exciting - attributes which will put some people hooked to the screen. Personally, it worked for me as I am someone who is very impatient to wait for a twist especially if it’s obvious that there’s one forthcoming. 
Apart from Cristine, Derek, Heart, and John; in the cast are Jackie Lou Blanco, G Toengi,  John James Uy, Kian Kazemi, Jovic Monsod, Clint Bondad, and Jaime Fabregas. Directed by Andoy Ranay, "TROPHY WIFE" is under Viva Films and will be shown starting July 30 on theaters nationwide. 

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