Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BE│LOVED - A Boutique Portrait Studio To Make You Feel Loved

I was very fortunate to be invited to the launching of a ‘boutique portrait’ studio recently. It has always been my dilemma before that I will get the special treatment I deserve when it comes to getting my portraits. I noticed that in some studios you are treated based on how you look and do not assist you in terms of getting the right poses so you will look at your best. I’m glad that BE│LOVED is born. Now, I can be assured that my interest will be taken cared of and their priority.

BE│LOVED is an exciting new concept in the Philippine portrait studio industry. The brand, the first ‘Boutique Portrait’ Studio, promises to offer the country’s most creative, most unique and most intimate photographic experience. Each work is tailored to capture the personality of the subject.

BE│LOVED is the brainchild of John Robert “JR” Palomo, a young man with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up, JR has his fair exposure to the photographic and retail industry being the child of Great Image founders Robert and Toots Palomo.

“When I was young, my parents had me spend my weekends and summer breaks working in our studios in the malls. I started out by giving leaflets to passersby in the mall,” shares JR of his humble beginnings.

“I want to take studio portraiture to a whole new level. It is not enough that the lighting is good, that the color is excellent and the portrait print is amazing. Every photograph has to tell a story. A love story.” And BE│LOVED was born.

The team is composed of young, dynamic, and creative individuals who are professionally trained to come up with art portraits that are not only visually and aesthetically excellent but also rich with the deep and sublime love stories of our subjects. Each portrait concept is as unique and personalized as the portrait products that your best images may be made into.

The BE│LOVED experience is highlighted by the actual portrait session, a realization of the creative consultation. This is an art experience on its own. With the assigned Creative Director styling the shoot, clients are guaranteed to feel like celebrities. Because every single creative aspect of the session is taken  cared of, the only thing left for the clients to do is to be themselves and express their love – whether it’s the love of a family, a mother to a child, a husband to his wife, a young couple, or just a celebration of love for onself.

BE│LOVED is located at the 5th level of the Mega Fashion Hall – SM Megamall. I’m excited to avail of their services for my pictorial for our graduation ball next week. Check this out guys!

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