Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chikkaness Review: THIRD EYE

Third Eye has Mylene on its center played by Carla Abellana. When she was a kid, she witnessed the murder of her neighbor and parents; blaming herself for their death. She then realized that she could see dead people. With the help of her grandmother, her third eye was closed. The death of her grandmother reopened it, though. As she follows her adulterous husband with her mistress, they were led to a mysterious place where there was existing cannibalism among its residents.

Adlawan manages to overcome the doubtfulness of the tale through references from back story, and some gracefully well-placed shocks. Third Eye reminds us that a film doesn't need expensive special effects to be scary. It relied on effective musical scoring and suspense to generate fear. 

Carla's nuance performance (sometimes she gets overboard though) sustains creepy tension from start to finish. As Mylene, she's sympathetic and credible in the film. It was an original and impressive performance from Abellana. Everytime she utters, "Leave me alone," it is delivered so devastatingly that it rips right through me.

Camille Pratts delivered a convincing performance and is quite versatile. Ejay Falcon made an appealing portrayal. Denise Laurel carried out her role well that you'll end up caring for her. Alex Medina was absolutely stunning even though he doesn't have a line in the movie.

The realistic shots and eerie atmosphere made the movie more haunting. Its scenes were not drawn out long, rather straight to the point of what it tries to accomplish.

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