Friday, February 7, 2014

Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo Movie Team Up Coming Soon

I'm sure I'm just one of the millions of fans who is very happy with the news that the Pop Princess and Indie Prince will be paired up in a drama film this year. Though they have been paired up in TV via the drama-musical "1DOL," this will be their first movie team up that will definitely draw large following considering their fan base and on the success of their previous works who had a box-office success.

Their movie will be directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and will be produced by Star Cinema. Ruffa Gutierrez will be part of the show who will play a PR Executive that will mentor Sarah's character .

Coco Martin is no doubt a dashing leading man armed with acting capabilities that made him one of the sought after actor of his generation. Him being paired up with Sarah G will surely boost up his marketability and I believe will make him a recipient of Guillermo Mendoza award next year. He has been critically heralded internationally in his indie movies and have receiving commendations for his performances in TV series. 

Sarah Geronimo, on the other hand, is certainly a bankable actress. The box-office results of her previous movies prove that she could not just make a concert arena full house but also movie houses. She has not yet received any acting award but I believe that she's slowly getting there. Her tandem with Coco Martin might have pressure from her end to deliver well but knowing Sarah G, she'll ace that through.

Are you thrilled already for their upcoming movie? Share your comments below.

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