Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chikkaness Review: ABNKKBSNPLAko The Movie - Amiable Romantic Comedy That Is Very Relatable

Lead stars Jericho Rosales, Meg Imperial, Vandolph, and Andi Eigenmann looked gorgeous at the premiere night of the new romantic comedy movie “ABNKKBSNPLAko (Aba, Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako)?! The Movie” based on the Bob Ong's best-selling book of the same title last February 18, 2014 at the Gateway Cineplex, Cubao, Quezon City.

Directed by award-winning director, Mark Meily, the film is billed as comedy/romance and highlights the ups and downs of barkada of students during the 80s and 90s, up to their professional lives during the 2000s. Pegged as the "Throwback Movie of the Year" and I entirely believe in this.

Its charming and esteemed leads harmoniously worked well and provided a beautiful ensemble acting. Jericho Rosales was funny and persuasive in his transition from being a high school student to a professional teacher; and really nailed the character of Roberto Ong. Andi Eigenmann as the "special someone" was credible in her portrayal. Meg Imperial was promising and gave a solid performance as Portia (something needs to be fixed with her looks though to make it appear that she aged.) Vandolph hit the comic punch on spot.

They were able to capture the look of 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s; and with the right background music. It seems that Bob Ong could be of the same age with me. The movie is very relatable with emphasis on the games and activities that students have gone through. It will surely put you on good mood and its call to action could be an immediate reunion with your peers.

This amiable romantic comedy with engaging cast will definitely hold your interest throughout the movie.

For premiere night photos, view it here.

“ABNKKBSNPLAko (Aba, Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako)?! The Movie” is showing on February 19, 2014 and is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

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