Monday, January 20, 2014

Joey De Leon Is Back On Primetime TV Series With "One Of The Boys"

TV5 elevates TV viewing exciting as after a very long time, comedy genius Joey de Leon is back on a primetime series via the romantic comedy, One Of The Boys.

One Of The Boys centers on the life of Jerry Silang, also known as DJ (Daddy Jerry) played by Joey de Leon and his children whose names were arrived from the time of the day they were born; Gabi (Eula Caballero), Sunny (BJ Forbes) and Dawn-dawn. 

Eula's character is the eldest daughter of the Silang family. She will somewhat play as the padre de familia by engaging into taxi driving as he's father is sick. Her character is tomboyish since most of her time will be spent with the tallier boys that influenced the way she talks and acts. 

Nadine Samonte will play the role of Jana Halliwel who will be Gabi's rival from her suitors. This will be the first time for Nadine to play a kontrabida role since her transfer to TV5. 

Also part of the cast are Empoy, Juan Direction boys (Michael McDonnell, Charlie Sutcliffe, Daniel Marsh, Henry Edwards, and Brian Wilson), Benjo Leoncio, among others.

Check out this watch-worthy romantic comedy show to hit your TV screens this March 2014 on your Kapatid network, TV5.

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