Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Showtime Continues To Take Pride For The LGBT Community with I AM POGAY

It's Showtime may be worthy of the award Most Gender-Sensitive TV Program already as it launched it's newest portion that caters another sector of the LGBT community, i.e., of Gays and Bisexuals through "I AM POGAY."

"I AM POGAY" caters to handsome gay men started last Saturday, January 18, 2014 for which netizens and studio audience made the segment trending in Twitter worldwide. 

Apart from the contestants ramp on the stage and sharing their cute and funny pick-up lines, they will be judged also with their talent and through Q&A where a mystery object will be the subject of the question. 

As always, the audience will have a voice as to who they think deserves to win. The placards "Confirmed" will be raised to those they agree to win, or "Confused" for otherwise.

I admire the show for being the platform for the LGBT community to showcase their talents and capabilities. Beyond the comic relief that sometimes it provides, the hosts' sensitivity and respect to their contestants paved the way for the awareness and understanding that the community deserves.

I salute you It's Showtime for standing proud for LGBT.

Photo courtesy of the show's Twitter account.

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