Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chikkaness Review: MGA ANINO NG KAHAPON - Tight Editing Making This A Careful And Thoughtful Film

Alvin Yapan writes and directs the family drama, Mga Anino Ng Kahapon, a production of Vim Yapan and Alem Chua  in partnership with Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Philippines). Agot Isidro plays Irene, a nurse whose husband Ed (TJ Trinidad) went abroad to work as a caregiver. Irene started to experience visions of military men monitoring their house and rebels visiting her for shelter and comfort. When Ed learned about Irene's situation, he returned to the country to assist his wife's medication for schizophrenia. However, Irene was not pleased with it as she sees as it as policing her similar to what her family experienced from the military during the martial law days. Carlo Cruz, Carl Alexander Acosta, and Upeng Galang Fernandez also star in the movie that had its gala premiere last December 19, 2013 at Glorietta 4, Cinema 1 as one of the entries for Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 New Wave section.

The editing and pacing was tight making this a careful and thoughtful film. The scenes were compelling and I felt that I developed a sense of care for the characters. The film has a great atmosphere that is tensed, engaging and really nuanced.

Alvin Yapan wonderfully modulates Agot's portrait of a schizophrenic patient whose mind and life seem to unravel before our eyes with not the usual delivery we see on similar characters. I felt that Agot was perfect for the part. I'm sure she'll get an acting trophy for her stellar performance in the movie. TK Trinidad, on the other hand, did a convincing performance in the film. What is so great about TJ Trinidad's acting is his restraint, while underneath one can see a seething pit of emotional energy. His work in the film solidifies him as one of the country's best actors today. Carlo Cruz was also good for someone who's new in the industry. 

The ending is powerful and should cause a discussion among moviegoers.

Don't miss "Mga Anino Ng Kahapon" as it's still being shown at Glorietta 4 and SM Megamall until December 24.

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