Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Agot Isidro, TJ Trinidad On Acting Showdown in Mga Anino Ng Kahapon

Critically-acclaimed actors Agot Isidro and TJ Trinidad are paired for the first time in the family drama Mga Anino Ng Kahapon that explores the varying degrees, forms and issues of surveillance which are at the heart of the relationship and conflict of a schizophrenia patient and caregiver especially during the treatment phase.

In the film, Agot plays the role of Irene, wife, mother, and nurse. She was inspired to get into medical profession because she saw her own mother (also a nurse) cared for wounded rebels during Martial law. When Irene's husband Ed (TJ Trinidad) goes abroad to work, her schizophrenia is triggered, signaling the journey of Irene and her family dealing with her condition.

Written and directed by Alvin Yapan and produced by Vim Yapan/Alem Chua Productions in partnership with Janssen Philippines, the film was made to raise awareness about schizophrenia, erase the stigma associated with mental illness and show the struggles of patients and families living with the condition.

The film was Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board with these words related to its main actors performance, "Agot Isidro in particular received uniformly rave reviews, not only due to her convincing depiction, but for imparting to the viewer a vicarious schizophrenia like a mise-en-scene. Her partner TJ Trinidad was superb as usual, continuing to grow and mature as an actor. Both essayed their roles with quiet power and conviction."

I won't be surprised if the film and its main actors will be a strong contender for this year's awards race. From the trailer itself, it's very evident that Isidro is entirely extraordinary, improving since the last time I saw her acting in a film through Mga Mumumunting Lihim. She seems to deliver her role with control and precision. Trinidad, on the other hand, seems to be deeply affecting and captured an emotional award-worthy performance.

Apart from Agot and TJ, the film Mga Anino Ng Kahapon also stars Ku Aquino, Carlo L Cruz, Upeng Galang Fernandez, and Carl Acosta.

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