Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Slumber Party Is A Movie For Everyone

While most of the gay featured films nowadays try to focus on the sexual aspect of gays, Slumber Party provides an alternative movie adventure that can boast for its witty screenplay, inventive direction, and enthusiastic cast. Unfolding on the eve of the Miss Universe pageant and where the hostage crisis in Quirino grandstand is ongoing, Slumber Party chronicles a memorable night for tribekis - Elle (Marrki Stroem), Jhana (Archie Alemania), and Phi (RK Bagatsing). While they were enjoying each other's company in Phi's house, Jonel (Sef Cadayona), an aspiring frat boy attempted to enter the house but the strength of the tribekis overwhelmed him that the former was held "hostage" to teach him a lesson that he'll not forget. Also featuring Nino Muhlach as the community's gaymother.

Slumber Party evolves from what it seems a simple bonding night of these three admirable gay friends to something more substantial, a film with a truthful take of a gay life and a very funny soul. It tells a story that heterosexuals can relate to where we can identify ourselves from among the central characters of the story, not on their gayness but more on their personalities. It is made with so much realism, it's really engaging. 

My hope is that this movie will be watched not only by the bekis but also by the straight allies who believes in the power of friendship and acceptance. I think the film was made thinking that gays have other shortcomings than being accepted by the society. You'll definitely have a great time but also walk away with a little more appreciation to one of your beki friends.

More pictures available from the presscon here.

Slumber Party opens tomorrow, November 27 nationwide. Let's join the party!

Check out a trailer for Slumber Party.

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