Sunday, November 3, 2013

INTERVIEW: SAPI Director Brillante Ma Mendoza

Few directors can rightfully claim that they were successful in their first feature-length horror film, but Mendoza can brag that he did when I witnessed the movie in the recently concluded bloggers conference that the Solar Entertainment organized for the movie, SAPI.

Being the humble person that Mendoza is, I'll just do the bragging for him. With SAPI, he truly nailed it. He crafted a movie that has its own unique gore and horror. 

The film follows the story of TV Executive Producer Meryll Flores (Meryll Soriano) and reporter Dennis Marquez (Dennis Trillo) who entered into a deal with a cameraman from rival network, Baron Valdez (Baron Geisler) to acquire the footage of a paranormal possession. While Meryll is enjoying the success of her career, an exorcising reality dawns on her and with the people behind the deal.

A few days out from SAPI's Philippine premiere on November 6, 2013, yours truly met Mendoza to discuss the inspiration behind the movie, the sound design, and the cast.

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