Friday, November 29, 2013

Chikkaness Review - Call Center Girl: Hilarious, Relevant Family Story

I've been hoping to watch Pokwang on her finest comedic flair where she could pull seamlessly comedy and drama; and I think the Call Center Girl movie is the right one. The movie proved that she could act and be hilarious at the same time. She even emerged as a better comedy actress because John Lapuz and K Brosas complemented each other's antics and idiocies. Her comic timing is sharp.

The screenplay has a setup that borders on shambles, but the familial heart of it is strong and expressed with so much impact. It's the movie about how absence can make or break a relationship, about the sacrifices that mothers give to provide a better life to their children. 

The fun begins when Teresa (Pokwang) returns home after thirteen years of working on cruise ships. Regina (Jessy Mendiola), her youngest child, built resentment over her as she felt abandoned and unloved. Teresa took the opportunity to reconnect with her by applying for a call center job where her salary will be used to augment Regina's expense in going to UK. However, it only worsen the situation as Regina suspects that her mother is flirting with their team leader Vince (Enchong Dee) whom she fondly hates.  

Jessy Mendiola's screen presence is remarkable. At some points you may hate her but it was designed as such so you'll love her more at the end. Enchong Dee's focus on the other character is complete. He fits extremely well with his character that I understood where his personality is coming from. I'm not wondering why they're having a bigger share in terms of projects in ABS-CBN as they can really pull off what's needed from them. 

It cannot be denied that the movie will put you on a happy mode. There are so many jokes throughout, ranging from slapstick to stupidly weird and most of them worked. I suggest you find time and see this hilarious and relevant family story. 

Directed by Don Cuaresma, the cast also includes Aaron Villaflor, Alex Castro,Chocoleit, Diane Medina, Ejay Falcon, and Ogie Diaz; with the special participation of Janice de Belen and Jestoni Alarcon.

Just a side comment, I think the movie defined the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry solely as call center which is not correct. It also includes other services like finance, human resources, animation, etc. I think this has to stressed correctly so we could avoid stereotyping that those working for BPO are call center agents. 

Did you find the movie enjoyable?

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