Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chikkaness Review: SHE'S THE ONE - Perfect Recipe For A Great Love Story

Mae Cruz' romantic comedy She's The One stars Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil as the love triangle looking for the perfect fit for their respective lives. The film opens with Cat (Bea), waking up her best friend Wacky (Dingdong), ensuring that he won't be late for his morning show. Despite that, Wacky ended up late for the show proving the impression that he's irresponsible and not serious with what he's doing. As circumstances unfold, the morning show needs reformatting that threatens Wacky's stay in the said show. He found an opportunity to save his career through a romantic viral video of a young man David (Enrique Gil) who's in search of the "girl in the rain" that happened to be Cat. He pitched in the idea of meeting the two together through the show but on the process he realized the emotional gap he's been looking for.

Bea Alonzo allowed her humanity to show in her character that causes the audience to fall in love with this girl in the rain throughout the course of the movie. Hot, uninhibited, and certain, she was fully engaged in providing the right emotions that her role demands from her. She proved once again that she could take this movie to a box-office success.

Dingdong Dantes was damn gorgeous. There's something with the camera work that made him the hottest guy on earth when I was watching the movie. Though I believe everyone appeared to be on their best appearance. His role may not be something that will be recognized by the award-giving bodies but he pulled it off seamlessly.

Enrique Gil was unassuming and very adorable to watch. His character was designed in a way that you will not hate him, rather love him even more. Liza Soberano seems to be getting better and better as her mother network exposes her to critical roles on movies.

She's The One is like the perfect recipe for a great love story that started off from a great friendship. Its template may remind you of the romantic comedy films produced by Star Cinema but it find its way to come out as unique on its own. It has beautiful and quotable lines that will certainly blow you away.

Director Mae has this distinct instinct for setting up jokes and punch lines with perfect timing along with the romantic backdrop of the main stars love story. The comedy of the situation and its tenderness pictured excellently. She crafted it in a way that it will be easy for its audience to connect with anyone of the characters.

The pacing was just right and will not bore you in the next 110 minutes. It also boasts with the crisp work from its supporting characters. Maricar Reyes, Guji Lorenzana, Marc Solis, RS Francisco, Erika Padilla, RS Francisco, and Garlic Garcia were entertaining to watch as they struggle to keep the friendship intact while meddling with the love life of their peer, Cat by setting her up on blind dates.

Initially, I thought the movie was going to be your typical romantic comedy but I'm surprised that it turned out to be a masterpiece. There is so much good in this film that you can't afford to ignore it and demands to be seen again and again. 

Photos courtesy of Star Cinema Facebook page.

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