Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chikkaness Review: 1st Quezon City Film Festival

GAYDAR by Alvin Yapan is not your ordinary gay movie about Tina (Pauline Luna) who erroneously fell in love to a gay man and has been skeptical already to the men she meets since her break-up with the latter. However, things changed when she met an FX driver, Richard (Tom Rodriguez) who initially had liking on. Just to be certain though she asked her "gay" bestfriend, Nick (Rafael Rosell) to investigate on Richard's sexual orientation. Unknown to Tina, Nick is in love to her.

Certainly the best movie of Pauleen Luna to date complemented by riveting performances from Rafael Rosell and Tom Rodriguez. The movie was more energized with the inclusion of a singing blind band every after vital scenes. I found the movie clean from its cinematography, screenplay, and editing. The pacing was just right to make this a terrific popcorn romantic comedy. My takeaway from the movie is that at some point in our lives we turn gays when we fall in love.

HELLO WORLD by John Ferrer is your growing up movie about two high school friends who just recently graduated, Jeff and Johan whose faced with decisions that will certainly affect each other's future. Jeff (Victor Medina) is thinking twice in migrating to the US because of his with his mother and wanted to go independent already. Johan (Philip Quintos), on the other hand, wants to bum around and would just want to spend time with his girlfriend rather than going to college. 

The film shows one of the critical stages of our lives, the teenage years, wherein we are all excited to grow old but our view on things is still young to fully understood the big world ahead of us. It's when this time of our lives where we are both daring and sometimes careless on the actions we made in search for defining ourselves. John Ferrer has successfully portrayed struggle and passion on screen. There were editing blunders but it was overshadowed by the honest performance of its two main actors. It seems that another Medina is out to prove his space in showbizness. I think what's good with the movie is that it will remain relevant in years. 

John Torres' LUKAS NINO is inspired by Ishmael Bernal's films where the director weaved scenes from the chronology of the film titles and posters. It dwells into understanding the elements of loss and memory using fantasy and folklore.

It offers no easy solution to an abstract conflict on the various elements depicted in the movie. It will engage you to a world where you have to think through on the scenes that people might see it as being thrown from nowhere. If you analyze it deeply, it will engage you into a mental exercise to understand the different facets of life. Yes I did not enjoy the movie as a form of entertainment but it pushed me to think and appreciate the movie as it is. 

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