Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chikkaness Review: LIHIS - Love Knows No Boundaries

I must admit that one of the Sineng Pambansa entries that I'm very excited to watch is LIHIS alongside with Tinik and Lauriana. Finally, I was able to watch it during its gala premiere and indeed it's a product crafted by a master director. Joel Lamangan has just fashioned a masterpiece that I'm sure will be recognized here and abroad.

A dramatic look at the lives of two men rebels in the 80s, whose relationship is deemed to be a taboo not only by the society but also in the group they belong in.  It looks at a moment in the Philippines culture where a gay relationship is something you would rather not talk about and sometimes accept it in silence.

With Lamangan's sensitive direction, every character was shown with humanity that you can't help but be engaged on the things they're going through. He crafted the movie to give its audience a compelling, intense and thought-provoking experience.

Jake Cuenca is passionately raw and admirable, it's definitely one of the best and most emotionally naked performances of his career. You can really see his commitment to his character that it perfectly shows in his nuances even if it did not require him to speak. Lovi Poe is magnificent. I think this could be her finest bida-kontrabida role to date in the silver screen. Joem Bascon and Isabelle Daza truly embodies their character, striking the right emotional chords.

The film has so many memorable moments. Of course, this includes the love scenes between Joem and Jake where they need to have a fist fight first before they do the thing. To add on that, you need to watch out how Cecilia (Lovi) tell Jimmy (Jake) his relationship with her husband; Cecilia's confrontation with Ador (Joem) about his sexuality in front of a priest; Ada's (Isabell) mourn on the loss of her student; among others.

"LIHIS" is the kind of movie we need more of: stimulates conversation and deeply affecting. It's a film that that has all of its bases covered: acting, direction and script. Find time to watch it because I strongly believe that it's all worth your 100 pesos.

Chikkaness' Takeaways: No matter how you good are you in moving on, an unfinished business from the past will find a way to revisit you and at times in an unexpected time. I think in life no stone will be left unturned and the truth will always prevail even if justice will not be served here on earth.

Indeed, love is universal. It goes beyond and above ideals, beliefs, and gender. Genuine feelings fought will always be a battle worth fighting for, even if your life and existing relationships will be in peril.

So what are your thoughts about the movie?

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