Saturday, August 31, 2013

FoodPrints with Sandy Daza - Food Travelogue Show To Feature Lovely Local Dishes

Filipino cuisine will be at the forefront of Lifestyle Network's newest TV offering via a food travelogue show, Food Prints with Sandy Daza. Everyone who has tried Filipino food served in the country's different regions can attest the flavorful and unique taste of Filipino dishes; making it more yummy are the locals serving it in your table.

"FoodPrints" is set to show the country's culinary concoctions in a whole new light - with Chef Sandy Daza letting his hunger take him places in a hunt for the country's culinary delights. "FoodPrints" gives viewers the chance to tag along in one of Sandy's food adventures to the next, visiting various places in different regions of the Philippines.

For the "FoodPrints" presscon photos, please check this out - Food Prints Presscon Photos

Don't miss out on FoodPrints as it premieres on September 21 at 8:30pm on the Lifestyle Network, with replays on Sundays at 3pm, Tuesdays at 8am, and Fridays at 2pm.

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