Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chikkaness Review: ON THE JOB - Total Powerhouse Riddled With Subtle Examples of Irony and Hidden Morality

"On The Job" is a complicated web of deceit of corruption, riddled with subtle examples of irony and hidden morality. It is an engaging crime drama that draws convincing performances from its cast and confirms Erik Matti's mastery of the genre.

Joel Torre (Tatang) plays a prison hitman; employed by an influential person to kill someone. He is accompanied by his his protégé Gerald Anderson (Daniel) in carrying out the orders. An honest cop played by Joey Marquez (SPO1 Acosta) is investigating on the murders along with NBI Agent as played by Piolo Pascual (Atty Francis Coronel Jr). The latter, however, is caught up with the possible involvement of his in-laws in the killings.

The plot was surprisingly easy to follow and it has the strength to keep you attentive. Every moment was exciting and intriguing, and even at two hours, it never runs overlong.  

''On The Job'' boasts of a really amazing ensemble cast who have presented their respective characters to the best regardless of how high/low importance it is to the film.  An intense and very complex character study with Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson delivering two explosive performances as men so alike but on opposite sides of the same battle. We can see what is going through their minds and the struggles they go through in their lives. Their decisions and repercussion they face are real and compelling.

Piolo Pascual also plays a great role, and the tension he feels about being torn between his commitment to his profession and to his wife's family  is nail biting.

The action sequences were successfully built with tremendous tension and tight shots that made it more riveting that a simple shoot them up. The movements are crucially photographed and danger is actually felt, giving the scenes with amazing spectacles. 

The type of music and songs used in the film perfectly set in with the intense of the sequences. It keeps up with the momentum and adds brilliance to the film. the cinematography is quite spot on as well and has clearly shown the atmosphere in the prison as well as the mean streets of Manila.  

Matti has really outdone himself here. It sets fire to screen at a breakneck pace and incredible force with a haunting finale. It's a total powerhouse with some of the most well crafted and spectacular action scenes ever produced.

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