Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chikkaness Review: A MOMENT IN TIME - elevated by its committed and attractive cast

Coco Martin and Julia Montes make a charming couple in the movie with amazing chemistry that's so strong that they make us believe on the love felt by their characters. 

Palo has provided us a good balance of laughs and drama plus an eye candy in Coco's character. The story has substance that made me feel sympathetic on what the characters are going through but some parts require me to re-think if that will truly happen in real life. Palo's visual knack for beautiful views was evident as it flaunted the beauty of Amsterdam and some parts of Paris. 

I'm also drawn with its fresh narrative twist but I think it will be better if it could have been revealed on the last 25% of the movie for the loveteam's fans to enjoy the endearing charisma of the leads with their kilig moments.

As expected, Coco delivered a great performance that made me laughing along with him especially in the first 20 minutes of the film and left me with a big smile on my face. On the latter part of the movie though, I was drawn on his acting skills as he transformed into a character that's edgy but understandable.

Julia Montes potential as a brilliant actress was highlighted in the movie. She has transformed into a fine actress that if given with more challenging roles, I will not be surprised if she'll receive an award. Her commitment in her character was also evident that I did see not the characters she portrayed on TV on Jillian's nuances. There are just some scenes though that was a bit awkward to watch like the one when she confronted Patrick why he's cold on him. I think it could have been perfected with an adjustment on the camera positioning and editing.

Wonderful performances abound from Cherie Gil, Manuel Chua, Gabby Concepcion, and Ella Cruz. The girl named "Alora" in the elevator scene was effective with her knack for comedy as she did it with right timing.

If you have not seen its trailer, please hit the jump.

If you're looking for a nice romantic comedy for this love month, look no further as A Moment In Time is positively it.

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