Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chikkaness Must-Go-Activity: The Chubbuck Technique in Star Magic Summer Workshop

Do you want to learn how to deliver an award-worthy acting performance? Are you up for an advanced acting learning experience? Do you want to gain knowledge on the acting techniques that Hollywood actors employ on their art?

Fret no more! This summer, Star Magic Workshops puts acting education a top notch higher as it introduces The Chubbuck Technique that gave Halle Berry her Oscar-winning performance for Monster Ball. Other actors who benefited from this technique include Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Kate Hudson, David Duchovny, among others. 

The Chubbuck Technique gets to the core. It concerns itself with the fight for our physical or emotional survival. It explores our primal drives-power, love, validation, money etc. It provides you with the tools to create a modern, multilayered character, built on what is exclusively you. You use what goes on in your own personal life, right now, to produce an acting that is passionate, profound and raw. The Chubbuck Technique builds on the teaching traditions that stretch back to Stanislavski and on the current advances in behavioural science and psychology.1  

This technique will be shared in the series of classes by Star Magic Workshops Head Acting Coach Rahyan Carlos who's unparalleled commitment in bringing out the best in his students is not questionable. I've been his student twice and being mentored by him is something that I will cherish forever as I did not only learn about acting but more than anything else, strengthening on my capabilities and working on my weaknesses. 

Coach Rahyan is certified to teach The Chubbuck Technique and the only one here in the Philippines. Last year, he went to US to study the said technique and underwent the same rigorous trainings for this acting method. His hunger for learning has made him an expert in his craft.

The acting classes are divided into three categories based on the actor's competency: (1) Introductory Acting Class - preparatory class for aspiring actors and will learn the foundations in acting; (2) Advanced Acting Class - higher level of acting will be taught with focus on applying techniques and script analysis on scene studies; (3) Master Class - focuses on excelling in different genre and mastery of the technique.

Aside from acting, there will be voice and dance workshops to level up your summer experience.
Enrollment is on March 16 & 17,Sat & Sun,8am-5pm. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY! Call our office @ 4152272 loc 5142/4153828 for full details or check Star Magic Workshops official FB page posts.

"The basic essential of a great actor is that he loves himself in acting." - Charlie Chaplin 

Will I see you in one of these workshops?

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