Thursday, January 3, 2013

SEDUCTION Trailer - very sexy and provocative done in good taste

Starring: Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Solenn Heusaff

Directed by: Peque Gallaga

Synopsis: Richard Gutierrez is a firefighter who will have an "affair" with the woman (Solenn Heusaff) she saves from a fire incident that will threaten the relationship he has with a conservative woman (Sarah Lahbati).

Trailer Review: Very sexy and provocative done in good taste. Though the first part of the trailer where Solenn is coming out from the waters reminded me of the "No Other Woman" trailer and the plot involves another love triangle (another woman stealing a man his girlfriend) tale, I believe this will still draw screen junkies to watch it because of its main stars. Real-life couple Richard and Sarah goes daring on their first movie together whose screen chemistry is smoking hot. Solenn Heusaff stars in her sexiest movie to date, I think.

SEDUCTION will hit the theaters on January 30.  If you have not yet seen the trailer, hit the jump.

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