Thursday, January 3, 2013

MENOR DE EDAD Trailer - sizzling and intriguing tale of self-discovery

Starring: Meg Imperial, Wendell Ramos, Ara Mina, Chyna Ortaleza, Jaycee Parker
Directed by: Joel Lamangan

Synopsis: A sexy drama about a student (Meg Imperial) who had an affair with her professor whom she later on accused of rape. 
Trailer Review: The trailer suggests that its not the character of Wendell Ramos that raped the Menor De Edad lead star Meg Imperial. Several things to look forward to in this film include the real rapist, the motivation for the actions of Meg's character, the reason behind Ara Mina's anger towards Meg, and the steamy lovescene between the main stars. The story seemed simple and predictable but with Raquel Villavicencio and Joel Lamangan's talent for storytelling, I'm sure there's a deeper story of self-discovery that will emerge from this film.

Meg Imperial really sizzles in her launching movie. Her screen presence plus her intriguing chemistry with Wendell Ramos will entice moviegoers to check on this film.

Photo credit: Menor De Edad Facebook page

MENOR DE EDAD will hit the theaters on January 23.  If you have not yet seen the trailer, hit the jump.

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