Thursday, January 3, 2013

KIDLAT Trailer - contemporary action-drama splash promising a marvelous adventure

Starring:Derek Ramsay, Nadine Samonte, Ritz Azul, Baron Geisler, Wendell Ramos, Jay Manalo, Christopher de Leon, Assunta de Rossi, among others.
Directed by: Mike Tuviera

Synopsis: A superhero action drama teleserye about Voltaire (Derek Ramsay) whose gifted with superpowers after being hit by the same lightning that killed his mother (Assunta de Rossi). Reluctant to use his powers, he will be pushed to acknowledge and use it when the bad guys Graba Man (Wendell Ramos), Prof. Megaton (Christopher de Leon) and Vincent (Baron Geisler) start to create chaos to Voltaire's world. Also, he will be there to rescue his love interests Lara (Nadine Samonte) and Joey (Ritz Azul).

Trailer Review: From the trailer, it seems that the series promises plenty of action scenes that will interest both the young and the old. I think Derek Ramsay is the perfect choice for the role with his well-built body and mysterious appeal. Though its catered for the whole family, it doesn't appear to be done in a cheesy or cliche way. The visuals seemed to be spectacular and Derek's costume looks great on him. I think the trailer though could have more impact if it was not voiced over by a child. Also, I wish that it will deliver a riveting roller coaster from beginning to end as seen on the trailer.

KIDLAT will have its movie premiere on TV5 on Sunday, January 6 at 6:45pm and its TV series will start on Monday, January 7 at 6:45PM replacing Enchanted Garden. If you have not yet seen the trailer, hit the jump.

Photo credit: Kidlat Facebook page 
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