Thursday, January 3, 2013

KAILANGAN KO'Y IKAW Trailer - an actor's piece with likeable characterization of Anne, Kris, and Robin

Starring: Anne Curtis, Kris Aquino, Robin Padilla, Xyriel Manabat, Tirso Cruz III, Ian Veneracion, Miles Ocampo, among others with the special participation of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla
Directed by: Malu Sevilla and Joyce Bernal
Synopsis: An action/melodrama film that tells the story of a police investigator, Gregorio Dagohoy (Robin Padilla) who's torn between the Manrique sisters: Ruth (Kris Aquino) and Roxanne (Anne Curtis). Unknown to the three is the dark past that their fathers have forged and will affect their relationships. 
Trailer Review: I never expected that the chemistry between Anne Curtis and Robin Padilla will work until I saw the trailer. The connection between them is evident in their nuances on the scenes that they're together. Kris can use this teleserye to disprove all the haters she has about her acting. It seems that her role requires depth in acting which I believe Kris can manage to deliver. Story wise, it seems simple but with a big heart. The characters let their humanity be shown that's causing its expected audience to fall in love with them already. 
I think ABS-CBN is very effective in using movie titles as its teleserye title as it has an easy recall and they can give a new sound to eternal OPM theme song. A good marketing strategy, indeed.

KAILANGAN KO'Y IKAW will headline Kapamilya's Primetime Bida on January 21. If you have not seen its trailer, please hit the jump. 

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