Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chikkaness Review: SEDUCTION marked by uninhibited performances and skillful direction

Peque Gallaga's erotic drama Seduction is a sweeping tale about a struggling fireman, Ram (Richard Gutierrez) who's caught in between a reserved woman Trina (Sarah Lahbati) whom he seduced and a filthy rich half-Filipina/half-French Sophia (Solenn Heusaff) who seduced him. 

Gallaga makes us too intimate with the three main characters with this bitter-sweet tale from start to finish. He intricately threads subtle nuances of powerful emotions and themes amongst the more predictable moments; and shot with excellent cinematography. 

Richard Gutierrez can claim that this could be his most edgy and moving work to date. He did not only bare his body but also his soul. He provided here a very absorbing performance especially on his scene where he expressed his hatred against himself in front of a mirror. 

The film gave me a lot of respect for Solenn Heusaff as she played an incredible role. Her uninhibited performance as someone who's desperately in need of love is heartfelt and vulnerable. She may have been so daring in this movie but that's because her character demands for it. My favorite scene in the movie was her playing piano with a mix of love and angst in her eyes.

This may not be considered Sarah Lahbati's best yet but undeniably she seems to be getting better and better from her performances in teleseryes. Her role requires to be somewhere in between being reserved and aggressive which I think is difficult to deliver but she did it. I think it worked that her leading man is her boyfriend. 

Overall, Seduction boasts for its uninhibited performances and skillful direction. With an intriguing premise and sensitive story-telling, one will feel the pain and heartache of these characters. 
SEDUCTION is currently showing nationwide. If you have not seen its trailer, please hit the jump.

Photo credit: Seduction Facebook page

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