Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chikkaness Review: MENOR DE EDAD - tightfully structured and well-acted sexy drama

Jennica (Meg Imperial) is a 15-year old high school student who lived a life without a father and raised by her mother (Ara Mina) and her mother's lesbian lover (Jaycee Parker) in a slums area. She's very aloof in school that caught her teacher's attention played by Wendell Ramos as Alex Basco. She later joined a girl gang group called Sosy Girls wherein part of her initiation is to have sex. She seduced her teacher but was pushed away and used the humiliating experience to charge him with rape. However, there's more to this accusation that will later change  here life and people around her.

Lamangan approaches the material with a classic hand - seamless storytelling, no special effects or gimmickry. He successfully engaged the audience with style, a bit of mystery, and seriousness of intent. He also showed some great shots that show characters boxed in their environment which provided texture on their portrayals.

Meg Imperial is into her character. For her launching movie, she has shown promise that she could be trusted with characters that require sensibility and sensuality. Wendel Ramos provided a powerful delivery in the movie that made me recall his winning performance in "Sabel" with Judy Ann Santos. One riveting scene of him was when he was pleading to be released from prison to accompany his wife for a surgery. Ara Mina and Jaycee Parker's edgy roles gave them an opportunity to shine in the movie. Chynna Ortaleza let her humanity show in the movie that caused me to fell in love with her character as the movie came to close. 
Menor De Edad is Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board and is currently showing nationwide. If you have not seen its trailer, please hit the jump.

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