Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A MOMENT IN TIME Trailer - expressly designed to look and sound a great romantic-drama story

Starring: Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Ella Cruz, Gabby Concepcion and Ella Cruz
Directed by: Manny Palo
Synopsis: Jillian (Julia) and Patrick (Coco) explore a second chance on their relationship as the latter follows the former in Amsterdam to fight for what they have started.
Trailer Review: From the trailer, it's undeniable that both actors are showing great chemistry. Even if the public knows of their large age gap, they still remain adorable to watch (thanks to Coco's boyish charm!). Their eye contact, Amsterdam getaway and ├╝ber-romantic chemistry (& kiss?) are something to watch out for. I'm sure Filipinos hard-earned money will be spent for this movie. They will not only make their TV tandem phenomenal but also the much-anticipated movie team-up. 

A MOMENT IN TIME is Star Cinema's Valentine offering that will hit the theaters on February 13, 2013 nationwide. If you have not seen the "kilig" trailer yet, please hit the jump.

Photo credit: A Moment In Time Facebook page  

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