Sunday, December 23, 2012

Phenomenal Gandang Gabi Vice episodes of 2012

It cannot be denied that each of Gandang Gabi Vice episodes has been a trending topic every Sunday night and even extended to the next days. But which of the episodes in 2012 do you consider phenomenal? This has been a hard task for me but eventually I decided to take on a memory lane this holiday season on the seven episodes that I considered phenomenal based on how it really made me smile.

1. Vice got a surprise call from "boyfriend" (November 11). Vice was so adorable in the episode and I can really see the sparkle in his eyes that his boyfie has no reservations in expressing his fondness for him.

2. Mario Maurer gamely gave in to the flirting of Vice Ganda...but eventually, it was Cacai Bautista who got the trophy. (November 4).

3. Vice got a taste on how Anabelle could be brutally frank...and hey, they're both endearing (March 11).

4. Mon Tulfo shared his "hatred" to and Vice Ganda gracefully dealt with it...palakpakan! (May 27).

5. Belo danced to Careless Whisper without Hayden na! (May 20).
6. Oh that chipmunks voice of Charice...kalokah! (December 9).
7. Abra loses to Vice Ganda in a fliptop battle (December 2).

What can you say about the GGV episodes that I consider phenomenal for 2012? What's your favorite episode that did not make it in the list? Share your most laughtrip GGV episode.

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