Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kapamilya Update: Anne Curtis, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Angelica Panganiban

Anne Curtis on defense of her mother against Twitter bashers
Anne Curtis stands up to defend her mother against Twitter bashers who has been insisting that she's a maid.

Anne took Twitter to air her side and mentioned the two bashers on her six Twitter posts, states.  Here's the Twitter posts of Anne:

“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness Well hello you. We meet again. But dont worry i come in peace. Just to clarify once again my mother was never”
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness a maid. In fact if ever she was i would be proud and would not hide it in embarrassment at all. She may not”
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness have come from a well off family but she never ashamed of her roots and took all of us visit where she grew”
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness up. So you can say whatever you want. I wont fight you BUT i will clarify..She is after all my mother and i”
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness I dont appreciate people who disrespect her. You’d probably do the same. Anyway, Now that is clear. I hope”
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness you will please stop saying false things about my mother. Thank you. :)”

What do you think about her Tweet posts?

Jodi Sta. Maria kept mum about statements of Iwa Moto
It seems that Jodi will continue to kept mum about the left and right interviews Iwa has regarding Jodi's relationship with ex-hubby Pampi.

She did not make any comment about Iwa's statement that she's happy for Jodi and Jolo and that she hopes that Jodi feels the same way for her and Pampi, states. "From day one up to this day, I will keep quiet and I will keep my silence," Jodi commented.

Do you think Jodi should break her silence?

Angelica Panganiban reaffirms good working style of Angel Locsin
It seems that everything went well during the shooting of Star Cinema's powerhouse drama offering for MMFF, "One More Try" for its two angel stars.

Angelica shared her experience working with Angel Locsin in an interview by “Ano, totoo… totoo yung sinasabi nila na mabait. Maalaga sa mga katrabaho niya, mga kaeksena niya,” Angelica shared about her co-star.

Do you think their working relationship can affect the outcome of the movie?

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