Monday, December 10, 2012

ChikkanessAvenue’s Choice for Best TV Station of the Year for Netizens' Choice Awards 2012

With its unparalleled dedication to delivering quality entertainment and genuine commitment to uplift the world’s perception on Filipinos, my vote for Best TV Station of the Year for Netizens' Choice Awards 2012 is ABS-CBN.

Here are my top 7 reasons to support my vote for ABS-CBN.

  • Most awarded TV station with most awarded TV programs and celebrities
  • With most trusted celebrities by corporations, advertisers and publications  
  • Child-friendly TV station with the most number of Anak TV seal programs and Makabata Star awardees 
  • With celebrities with the most numbered Twitter followers and Facebook page likes. They engage with their fans frequently through a series of fans day, block screenings, regional tours, fan swaps, etc.
  • Effective marketing strategies that resulted to good box office results of Star Cinema produced movies; large audience turnout of Kapamilya concerts and TFC activities; and hefty following of their TV programs.
  • Supports independent films by distributing it commercially and encouraging independent filmmakers to showcase their masterpiece through Cinema One Originals Festival 
  • True to their commitment of “In The Service of the Filipino people” through corporate social responsibility programs like restoring movie classics for future generation’s use;  partnering with organizations on fun runs for environment preservation;  extending help to those in need through Bantay Bata, Sagip Kapamilya, among others
Though I think these are the things that give ABS-CBN an edge to its competitors, the list also provides a point of reflection for its network rivals on where they should focus more on their strategies on the years to come. Remember, once a number always a number one does not holds true in business.  

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