Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chikkaness Review: SOSY PROBLEMS - happy bubble that fans of girlie chick flicks should give a try

Director Andoy Ranay gives us a glimpse of the ultra rich side of the IT girls of the society with his "Sosy Girls" masterpiece.  Lizzie (Rhian Ramos), Danielle (Bianca King), Claudia (Heart Evangelista), and Margaux (Solenn Heusaff) are four rich and famous friends faced with a dilemma on how they could save their favorite hangout (Polo Club) from its new owner Bernice (Mylene Dizo) who plans to convert it into a "yaya" mall. 

This is a charming movie that is fun and engaging if not taken too seriously. The dialogue is light and funny. You'll be entertained as the film makes fun of the girls' "stupidity" especially during the scene when they were searching for the pilapil (dike) and in desperation to live the normal life they used to have when situated in a not sosy place (check out their scene on a tree looking for a mobile signal... LOL moment!). It has a lighthearted premise but scratch that barely and it exposes to an important life lesson, i.e., respect for everyone regardless of class status and relationships. Kudos to its production design team for providing an ambiance suited to these socialites lives.

The main stars provided flippant peformances that's both adorable and enjoyable to watch. Cherie Gil's and Agot Isidro's altercation scenes were so funny. Mylene Dizon was perfect at playing a complete trying hard newly rich antagonist. Ruffa Gutierrez commanded that sosy attitude. And, Aljur Abrenica was just oh-so-yummy.

"Sosy Problems" is a happy bubble that fans of girlie chick flicks should give a try.    

"Sosy Problems" is one of the MMFF 2012 entries that's currently showing nationwide. If you haven't seen its glossy trailer, hit the jump. 

Photo credit: Sosy Problems Facebook page

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