Monday, December 3, 2012

Chikkaness Review: Slumber Party - overall an extremely funny movie with witty screenplay, inventive direction, and enthusiastic cast.

Three bekis (gays) faced the consequences of sharing the sleepover activity with a thief cute guy in this comedy film. Phi (RK Bagatsing), Elle (Markki Stroem) and Jhana (Archie Alemania) are three longtime friends who celebrates friendship with their annual slumber party on the eve of Miss Universe pageant. Set on the eve of August 23, 2010 where Venus Raj was Philippines candidate for Miss Universe, Phi's house was entered into by a young frat boy Jonel to whom they held hostage to give him a lesson that he'll never forget. However, things changed when the tribekis had a "thing" with Jonel that soon revealed the sentiments they have for each other.

At first, this could seem to be another gay comedy flick with gay lingo and slapsticks scattered throughout the movie but as it progresses it becomes something more substantial making the film with a heart and soul in the right place.

The three main actors complemented each other and brought in energy that some gay comedy films lack. I find it hard to believe that what I'm seeing are really gay people and for some time erased the idea that they're in real life straight guys. That's how engaging and talented they are in this movie.  

The film also boasts the sweet sense of romance between Phi and Jonel especially on their cabinet scene. Archie Alemania's commitment on his role provided us with a top-notch comic performance. RK Bagatsing flair for comedy was nice and done in perfect timing. Markki Stroem could boast that this is one of his best peformance to date. Sef Cadayona was a surprise that he's included already in my top hot guys list. NiƱo Muhlach comes towards the end for the knockout punch. 

"Slumber Party" is overall an extremely funny movie that I'm considering this as the frontrunner for this year's best comedy film. With a witty screenplay, inventive direction, and enthusiastic cast, this film is a must-watch even by homophobics around.  

Photo credit: Slumber Party Facebook page

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