Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chikkaness Review: PALITAN - an intriguing journey with equal parts of steamy, thrilling, and discerning scenes

Mon Confiado, Alex Medina, and Mara Lopez star in Ato Bautista's bold and provocative drama film about a sexually active husband, Nestor (Alex) who sacrificed the dignity of his loving and innocent wife, Luisa (Mara)  to settle a "huge" amount of debt from his clever and pervert boss, Ramiro (Mon). Nestor heed to the request of Ramiro of giving him a video of his wife taking a bath in exchange to the full settlement of his debt. This however, led to an illicit affair between Luisa and Ramiro that turned out to be a nightmare for the three.

The film was an intriguing journey that leaves you feel enthralled at every scene, that will put you on your toes towards the tragic end. It was crafted with equal parts of steamy, thrilling, and discerning scenes that made this morality tale an eye-opener for those who are in a relationship.

Lopez achieved an impressive performance that made her worthy of her Best Actress trophy. She displayed an honest and wealth of emotion that you would rarely see from a new actress. Though she have displayed much skin in the movie, I did not see her as a sex symbol rather as a victim that deserves compassion and help. 

Alex Medina displayed an emotional roller coaster ride with a superb performance. His acting was very raw that it seemed to me that he was carefully trained  by his father, Pen Medina. And by the way, I didn't realize he's hot too until I watched this movie. Hehe...

Mon Confiado deserves recognition too in this movie. Maybe in other award-giving bodies.  His develish look swept me away that I'm still having difficulty moving on from the fear I felt while watching him. His one of those actors that can really put a reality on the character he's playing. 

"Palitan" is an unforgettable experience - bold, bloody, and dramatic.

Photo credit: Palitan Facebook page

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