Friday, December 21, 2012

Chikkaness Review: PAGLAYA SA TANIKALA - an indie gem that's both inspiring and uplifting

A man whose life was inspired by St. Jerome Emiliani helped an abandoned child find a loving home through the Casa Miani orphanage. Discover the power of love and friendship in director Michael Angelo Dag├▒alan's fascinating portrait of the harsh reality that is facing our streetchildren today. The movie stars Matteo Guidecelli, Micko Laurente, Nicco Manalo, Jaime Fabregas, Lui Villaruz, Sue Prado, among others.

The film boasts a compelling performance from Matteo and Micko with their well-executed emotions especially during the scene when Berto (Micko) was hiding something that he's very afraid of and he confided it to Somascan Bro. Jerry (Matteo).  I am really impressed with their chemistry that I thought what's going on between them are genuine and sincere. 

"Paglaya sa Tanikala" is an indie gem that will make you feel inspired and uplifted after watching it with a moral message that was not delivered in a preachy manner. The film is currently being shown in Glorietta Cinemas until December 24 as one of the finalists in the New Wave Section of the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Photo credit: Paglaya sa Tanikala Facebook page

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