Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chikkaness Review: Mater Dolorosa - quality film of love and power

Gina Alajar stars as Lourdes Lagrimas, a pious, philantrophic, protective mother and Jueteng leader, that single handedly raised her four children after her husband was ambushed. Cogie Domingo plays Joseph, who owns a car shop with supplies coming from illegal suppliers that's striving  to make a clean living out of his business. He's always in disagreement with his brother Eli as played by Carlo Aquino who owns a "saklaan" and engaged into drugs. Alessandra de Rossi is Fatima who's role in the family is to protect their business as she's a cop in their area. And, Felix Roco plays Benjie, the youngest in the family who will be the sacrificial lamb of the "wrong" deeds done by the Lagrimas family. All was going well with their business until Charlie (Jason Abalos) came into the picture who wanted to lord over the operations led by the Lagrimas family.

"Mater Dolorosa" is a gray film, literally and figuratively. It was shot in gray color leaving you a feeling of uncertainty whether you wanted to judge the Lagrimas family especially their mother based on society's norms or based on how she "loves" her family. The plot is intriguing from beginning to end. This is a film seething with passion, greed, and emotional torture.

From the opening credits, showing Gina Alajar's distress over the death of her husband, till the final image after she took revenge for the death of her son, you cannot help but admire the brilliant acting she has perfectly shared. She's a pretty magnetic actress that she upstages a terrific Lourdes Lagrimas. Her emotions are very controlled and she used her eyes beautifully on what could have been expressed through hysteric.

Apart from Gina, the other cast performances are impeccable. Carlo Aquino boasts a formidable performance which gave him another great character study. 

"Mater Dolorosa" is a quality film of love and power. Watching the movie, I felt I was witnessing a moving character study that is both honest and sincere. 

Photo credit: Mater Dolorosa Facebook page

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