Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chikkaness Review: THE GRAVE BANDITS - an efficient horror thriller that's both intense and contagious

Director Tyrone Acierto provides us with an action-packed Pinoy Zombie adventure that I'm considering as one of the best Zombie-themed movie ever made in the Philippines. Martin Sandino San Juan and Ronald Pacifico stars as Peewee and Romy, two wanted grave thieves that were trapped in an island swarm with virus-infected men that turned into flesh- and Zombie-eaters. Using their wit and tools used in stealing from the dead, they need to survive from this horrible island in order to achieve the desires of their hearts.  The Grave Bandits co-stars Jill Palencia, Robert Nunes, Millard Keung, among others.

"The Grave Bandits" proves that there's a future for the Philippines in terms of making heart-pounding Zombie-themed movies that's both enjoyable and scary. Two thumbs up to the production and editing teams for coming up with a movie that is both believable and competently made. 

The film was successful in immersing the viewers on a Zombie-filled experience as the story and characters were surprisingly engaging with action and thrilling scenes skillfully done. It was not awkward to see Martin and Ronald doing their fight scenes. Jill Palencia has also shown a natural affinity in doing her action stunts. 

With its fast-paced, and exciting twist and turns, "The Grave Bandits" is an efficient horror thriller that's both intense and contagious.The film is currently being shown in Glorietta Cinemas until December 24 as one of the finalists in the New Wave Section of the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Photo credit: The Grave Bandits Facebook page


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