Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chikkaness Review: GAYAK - a heart-warming, involving experience

Ronaldo Bertubin directed this film about the relationship of a father (Allan Paule) and son (Sef Cadayona) whose bonding moment includes the annual devotion to San Juan in Bibiclat, Nueva Ecija. They will soon faced the truth behind the petitions of their devotion that will test their relationship. The movie also stars Evelyn Vargas and Richard Bradley.

The movie greatly benefits from the performances of Allan Paule and Sef Cadayona. It seems that Sef has been given roles that asked for nuanced characterizations, and in this flick, he pulled it off again. Allan Paule's performance is solid and strong. Their intimacy  made me believe that they're really father and son facing an ending that both try to deny. 

"Gayak" is a heart-warming, involving experience that was made to get us feel about the characters, their relationships, struggles, and aspirations. 

Photo credit: Gayak Facebook page


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