Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chikkaness Review: CATNIP - intense Filipino psycho-drama film crafted with plenty of unpretentious realism

The film is an effort to humanize what's going on inside one's mind if "mistreated" by parents and how it's being translated to future actions.The film begins with Cieca's (Maxene Magalona) recollection of her friend Liv (Lauren Young) about her relationship with her father and their friendship on a series of brutal and captivating sequences. 

Kevin Dayrit created characters that at some point you'll feel compassionate about but on some scenes, you would love to hate. It was a fascinating exploration of one's feelings of an emotionally disconnected young lady. 

I love the ultra-stylized slow motion of raging anger of Liv's father. The camera work by Dayrit during the torture scene is poetic and ruthless all at once.

I did not expect Lauren to provide a vivid oh-so-violent outburst throughout the end. I felt sick and depressed for her. Her metamorphosis into a killer is very impressive that deserves recognition.

"Catnip" is one of the most intense Filipino psycho-drama film of all time crafted with plenty of unpretentious realism. It may be painful to watch but it's elevated by the standout performances of Lauren Young and Maxene Magalona on their offbeat characters

Photo credit: Catnip Facebook page

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