Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chikkaness Review: Alagwa - a stunning vehicle with emotional highlights between Jericho and Bugoy that you shouldn’t miss

For his sophomore movie effort, director Ian Loreños combined the acting sensibilities of Jericho Rosales and Bugoy Cariño for this very absorbing and compelling film about human trafficking, "Alagwa." Jericho Rosales stars as Robert Lim, a single parent who’s working hard to raise his son Brian played by Bugoy Cariño. When he came back after he left his son in the bathroom to bet on a lottery, Brian was nowhere to be found. Desperately, he engages into a lot of dangerous moves in search for his son that led him to the brutal world of human trafficking. The supporting cast includes Carmen Soo, Leo Martinez, Smokey Manaloto, Nanette Inventor, John Manalo, among others.

This is a triumph from director Ian Loreños. He brings in a rare experience that is both fresh and assured. The story was magnificently told that it leaves me a concern about human trafficking. He seemed to have a great collaboration with his cinematographer as well as the most important points in the movie were made with a close-up and detailed shot. 

Jericho Rosales provided a multi-layered performance that is both absorbing and credible. His reactions were very authentic especially on the scenes where he flawlessly showed his desperate hunger to see his son already. He blew me away especially on the last scene that I believe he deserves an acting recognition in this movie. He played it well also with Bugoy Cariño who equally provided riveting performances. 

"Alagwa" is a stunning vehicle with emotional highlights between Jericho and Bugoy that you shouldn’t miss. 

The movie will have another special screening on Thursday, December 6 9:30PM at the Robinson’s Galleria as an exhibition film in the Cinema One Originals 2012.

Photo credit: Alagwa Facebook page

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