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Not knowing what to expect is just half the story


In the age of mobile dating apps, blind dates may seem like a thing of the past. Still, meeting a complete stranger thanks to a matchmaking friend or family has its charm. Just imagine the thrill of mystery as you nervously await the big reveal at a fancy restaurant. Not all blind dates end in romance, though, but the lack of expectations that come with online dating has a way of opening minds and hearts to a lasting relationship.

Kenny’s new animated short film highlights #AwesomeTogether pairings

Does love really win despite all odds? This is what Kenny Rogers Roasters tries to answer with a creative short film entitled “Awesome Together.” Using animation, the short film tells the story of Sosy and Bolzi, a pair of farm animals who meet and fall in love at the Roasters Farm. Their parents, however, object to the love affair, prompting the star-crossed lovers to defy traditional family expectations and embark on an epic journey for a chance at eternal togetherness.

Vivo X21 is every fulfilled young person’s secret key to achieving goals

You’ll never know when life will throw you something good. Sometimes we find ourselves happy and content in our current hobbies and careers only to discover later that our passion lies in another.

 Young people, popularly fitted under the generation bracket “millennial,” are examples of this. For millennials, life offers a multitude of possibilities and they are out to achieve and conquer all of them.

13 Reasons Why there's a Lot to Love about "I Love You, Hater"

Finally, I got to watch Star Cinema's latest movie offering "I Love You, Hater" in the block screenings organized by Tropang Joshua and Team Joshua fan clubs last Sunday at the Fisher Mall. I got similar invites from other fan groups but I was not able to attend as it conflicts with my class schedule. I will have another chance to watch it later tonight organized by Spark It PH and I'm having no second thoughts of watching it again as I truly enjoyed the movie experience.

The movie has the heart that made me fell in love to it. We have witnessed the good films that the team up of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto have starred on and we've been drawn to the charisma of Kris Aquino a lot of times, this movie is no different when it comes to the quality but it provided us characters that we will surely love. Let me share to you the 15 reasons that makes me watch the film more than once. 

1. Kris Aquino. She was playing herself, the one we dearly love for her flamboyance and honesty. I think this film is a great comeback movie for her as it gives us a glimpse of her current life as the Digital Queen who built a business empire herself. She is a character herself that's unique but relatable.

2. Joshua Garcia. When we speak about consistency in quality but diverse in characterization, then he perfectly fits that description. I've been very vocal of my fondness to this actor since PBB days and I made no mistake in cheering for him in every endeavor he's in. He's been a reliable actor with a clear portrayal of the heart of the character he's into. His portrayal of faking a gay character was funny but not disrespectful.

3. Julia Barretto. She nailed the character of Zoey with perfection. This is her best that already made a mark to the audience. She showed versatility as needed and she opened her heart with no restrictions. She was mature but sensitive. She was funny but discerning.

4. Director Giselle Andres. She left me with good impression on her film Loving In Tandem and on her latest flick, she did not disappoint. She shared a story that need to be told and it was done vivaciously. It was indeed a labor of love and it shows.

5. JoshLia. Theirs is a loveteam that you would always invest on with a good story as they will surely deliver. They're new with their team-up (barely 2 years old) yet they have provided us with memorable movies that will be remembered by the current generation. Sa true lang, binonggahan nila sa pelikulang ito. They did not shortchange their performance just because this is a romcom but they committed a performance that's worth future recognition in award-giving bodies. 

6. The memorable elevator scene. For me, this is the highlight of Julia's acting career as she nailed it with so much honesty and vulnerability. The shifting of her emotions was on point. Literal na napa-nganga ako sa galing niya sa eksenang ito. Joshua was also generous enough to give the scene to Julia for her to truly shine. 

7. Storyline. It's familiar but still engaging. There's no excuse to be dishonest no matter how good the intention is as there will always be negative consequences. We hate people because of what they did but we can we eventually love them when we try to understand the circumstances they're in. 

8. Focus on father's love. Stories showcasing mother's love is always dear to me. But this film deviate from that and has put the love of a father as one of its side stories. I will always cherish the scene of Ronaldo Valdez and Kris Aquino. It was heartfelt and with authentic emotions clearly shown throughout. I think that scene defined Kris as an actress and recognizing her for that is not far-fetched. Al Tantay and Joshua also shared worth remembering.

9. A story with different perspectives. "Kapag ang buhay ay magulo, check mo sa ibang anggulo." The film highlighted that we should not judge someone at face value but also take into consideration the reasons behind. This will not excuse a mistake but at least it will make us compassionate and gracious.

10. A dose of heartfelt laughter. I laughed because of the choices made by the characters but it was more of laughing because I can identify to it. Julia was surprisingly good with her comic antics. She was so adorable. Kris was her charming self with comic punchlines that she can only pull through.

11. The theme song was perfect. "Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay" as sang by Unit 406 perfectly complimented the film. I love its arrangement especially the one that decorated the last scene of the movie.

12. The tears are worth it. I had a good cry watching the movie. You'll see the main characters cry a lot and it did not come to waste. The memorable ones for me were from Kris when he hugged his father, Julia when she saw her father at a wedding, and Joshua when he returned home to his father.

13. This is not an LGBT movie but a film on respect for one's dignity. Initially, I thought it will focus on LGBT but it goes beyond that. Forgiveness and honesty can restore someone's dignity. Something that you do not only give to others but a worthy gift you can give to yourself.

Do yourself a favor, watch and enjoy "I Love You, Hater" today.

Jamba Juice shows off the Better Blended Life through Ultimate

Over 500 people come together for a weekend of Ultimate frisbee at the first ever Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup
“Pancake X emerge champions in pool A of the first ever Whirl’d Cup Tournament.”
What do you get when you blend a plastic disc, a diverse community, and a thirst for new experiences? The very first Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup, of course. Jamba Juice is focused on blending real whole fruits and veggies to create great tasting and refreshing beverages. In its maiden tournament at the Alabang Country Club, Jamba Juice showed how life can be Better Blended as it brought together different kinds of people into a community sharing in the spirit of Ultimate frisbee over smoothies.

Vivo caps extraordinary My Time, My FIFA World CupTM campaign in Russia

Vivo joined the FIFA World Cup Official Song ‘Live it Up’ performance by Nicky Jam, featuring Will Smith and Era Istrefi before the final match
Photo credit: Vivo

Global smartphone brand Vivo, wrapping up its sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, joined the music performance of the Official Song to witness this memorable and extraordinary moment with all football fans.


For a cynical grump, it’s never too early to be annoyed at Christmas.  Watch the brand new trailer of Universal Pictures and Illumination’s upcoming animated comedy The Grinch starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Engaged lovers in the first Mamma Mia! The Movie, Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper reprise their roles as Sophie and Sky in Universal Pictures’ new romantic musical,Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.


Paramount Pictures’ new epic action adventure Mission: Impossible – Fallout features four powerful female characters played by four formidable actresses: with Michelle Monaghan returning, the cast also includes Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby.

At the beginning of each of his collaborations with Tom Cruise, director Christopher McQuarrie poses a question. “I ask him, ‘What do you want from this story? What’s one thing you want to do?’ This time Tom said, ‘I want to tie up the story of Julia. People are still asking me about Julia.’  So, we began with that.”

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